5 Valentine Gifts Every Woman Will Love

We’re not gift-whisperers, but we are women and mothers and human beings (at best) who know what we want. Or at least what we don’t want, so let us do you a solid and explain the most wonderful gifts to receive on Valentine’s Day for a woman.

And disclaimer: We’re not necessarily speaking for all women here, but we really are. Ok. Here we go.

1.  Rest.  Yep.  It’s pretty simple. Give us some rest. When we wake up to make ourselves some deeeelicious coffee, send us back to bed and make it for us.  But make it right, too.  Don’t water it down or anything. Just make it exactly like we like it and we’ll take it on the bed stand.  Bring us a laptop to binge watch that documentary series on Netflix about the DEA busting big drug cartels and how it was all corrupt, too. Then get the hell outta there and let us rest in quiet.

2. Remove the children from the home. Take them anywhere.  Take them to your Mom’s house, take them to the gym and drop them off at the free childcare, go out for donuts or to a playground or to a museum or whatever.  Just. Get. Them.  Outtahere. Come back after there’s sufficient silence inside my head so that I can think a full thought instead of “What did I come to the basement for again?” all the time.  I’ll be so happy to see you and the kids when you return that you’ll think I got a lobotomy. And you know what? Silence feels like a lobotomy, ok?  There’s so much noise in life that a little silence is a gift. Give it to me. Give it to me now.

3.  Take me out on a proper date.  We’re talking heels, lipstick, selfies for Instagram, a hoppy beer or a heavy cabernet. Maybe even a side of ranch because I don’t care tonight. I’m getting an app and a dessert, and I’m not sorry about it. I deserve it.  I work hard, I love hard, I give all day everyday and this marks the day that I take for myself.  Fill this sister up with some calories. Also, I don’t want to coordinate any of it. You set up the babysitter, you find the restaurant, you take care of the check (with our joint checking account). I want to expend no energy on planning. I want to show up looking pretty and receive the night.

4. Send me away for a massage and then clean the whole house while I’m gone. Now this, boys and girls, is a winner. Usually when I show up at home it looks a bit like we’ve been burglarized. We have not. It’s just how we live. But if I return home to find a tidy home? You’ll find a happy woman. It’s the key to our hearts.  Or to mine, anyway.

5.  Buy her a locket. You knew this was coming, so don’t act so surprised. And listen – this is not a suggestion solely based on our incredible bias as the owners of this company, or as the makers of these lockets. We’re telling you this because we know from testimonials that when a woman unexpectedly receives a locket that you chose for her, with an image you put some thought in to and thought she might love, there are many layers of shock followed by  gratitude that emerge. First – you thought of me? Second – you thought of this photo? Third – how did you do this without me knowing? Fourth – I love it. I love love love love love it. Thank you, my love. Thank you.


The Locket Sisters

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