Give Her a Locket

The first gift I ever received from my husband was winter boots. Winter. Boots. Like, 4th-grade-looking winter boots. Second up was a rain coat.  Practical, useful, gave him joy to give to me, and hope (I presume) that we’d be adventuring outside together a lot (we do). But fun to receive? Meh. They’re boots, people. And not even remotely close to ones that I would choose for myself.  Sorry BAE.

Fifteen years later, his gift-giving game has evolved into sending me on scavenger hunts that starts with a love note and ends with a hot cup of dark roast (WINNING). He figured out that giving gifts doesn’t need to be practical. A gift can be just thoughtful, with no practicality. I received a surprise gift in the mail once from a friend who wrote a lovely note about simply wanting to do something nice for me, and I instantly sobbed at her thoughtfulness.  SHE THOUGHT OF ME AMIDST HER BUSY LIFE? Sheesh, that’ll warm even the coldest heart.

We’ve never received one of our lockets as a gift, because we make them for ourselves. But we have received emails, messages, texts and hugs about the reactions they get when they gift it.

Here’s a couple real testimonials:

1.  “She balled when she opened it, so I guess that means I win?”

2.  “Made me the Valentine’s Day champion with a beautiful locket that my wife absolutely loved.”

3.  “After telling me in person and over the phone, she texted me “I love my necklace.  Thank you so much.”

The point, dear friends, is that one when you give someone a locket it’s not just that you put thought into the gift, you put thought into the photo, too. When it clicks in someone’s head that you’ve put real time and thought into making someone feel special, that has an effect.  It goes deep, it means something wonderful, it is incredibly touching.

Buy the boots on a random Tuesday just because.  Give her a locket for Valentine’s Day.


The Locket Sisters

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