Penny Evelyn

We were meeting with a photography client in the Fall of 2017 and brought out the lockets we make. At that time, we only had two options, and they were really only offered to the clients we had in our photo studio.

I told my sister and our client the story of how my daughter, Penny, was having such a difficult time at preschool drop-off in the mornings.  No tantrums, just sadness. And in many ways, that’s worse, because it accompanies a guilt that a parents recognize quickly, one that must be pushed aside while we carry on and do allthethings and make allthemoney to feed allthepeople and put the roof over alltheheads.

One morning I gave her my heart locket.  It had a photo of her and her brother, and her Dad and I. Two-sided. Small. Perfect for her lonely heart. She loved it, rubbed it on her cheek, and held it fully in a cupped hand.

A few weeks later her teachers told me that locket helped her feel connected to us, it eased her sadness. It helped her so much that she even offered it to her friend who was missing her family.

After our clients left, Amy grabbed me and said “We need to expand the lockets.”

So we did.

Xo. Locket Sisters.

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