Makers Gonna Make

When you were a kid, what did you dream of doing when you grew up? Teacher, fireman, pancake-maker, actress, all the standard answers.  Or as my son says, “a worker guy” like his Dad. Doesn’t really matter what the dream is.  Just matters that you’re dreaming. Or that your kids are dreaming. Because really, who would ever think of “make custom lockets after learning how through your photography business” and announce that at Grandma’s Sunday brunch?

We make lockets because we love to use hand-crafted work as a way to connect with human beings.  We love to consider a person’s story. We love to make and work and think and create and spread bits of joy and happiness to the person who will walk to their mailbox, open it up, and see something special that we made with their name on it.  It genuinely means something to us.  It deeply brings us joy.

We love this work.


The Locket Sisters

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