It’s no secret that your stories move us deeply. It’s what we love about this work. It pops a skip in our step knowing that we can make you something important and powerful, a symbol of love, a memorial of who you love, a token of what’s most meaningful to you.

We ask you to tell us a little bit about your photograph when you order a locket. Who is it for? Who’s in it? What’s it about? Your answers and context give us some insight that we may meditate and pray upon, spend time thinking of your growing soul, maybe your broken heart, possibly your celebrated love.


When Jordana ordered her locket last month, we stopped in our tracks at how strong our insides felt for the beauty of the image she wanted inside her locket.  There is love between these sisters. There is emotion and connection. There is a relationship we relate to.

In Jordana’s own words:  “The photograph I chose are of my daughters Rachel and Sarah. A few weeks after this photo was taken Sarah was diagnosed with cancer and later that year passed away.”


Rachel and Sarah.  Sarah.


Amy + Allyssa

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