In Defense of Selfies

Picture this: You’ve felt weird about your body since the day you shared it with another human being, since the day a life began to grow inside of you. You grew and changed, or changed and then lost, or you didn’t change but really wish you could have. Your body, this vehicle of life, this vehicle for motherhood and all the baggage and new life that comes alongside it.

We live inside ourselves but my goodness we don’t always love the skin we’re in.

Then one day you catch yourself looking FLLLLLYYYYY in the mirror. Deeeaaaaaamn, girl! You ain’t so bad! Click it. Snap it. Save it, post it, blog it, text it, send it, tweet-Insta-FB-Snap that shit. Put it in a locket if you must. Celebrate your love for yourself. You do look good, my love. And you always looked good. Even when you were broken and down,  bigger or smaller, or your hair was falling out and your skin was red. And your eyes were puffy. You are alive, and you feel things. You are not perfect and you’re not intended to be. You are alive. That’s what you are.

So snap that selfie and share it all over the internet or all over your private world. Print it. Frame it. Send it to us so we can tell you how much we love it.

Love that you love yourself. What a gift it is to be alive.


Amy + Allyssa

selfie of redhead

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