Gwendolyn Strong Foundation

Every month we pick an organization to partner with.  One that inspires us, one that we believe the world needs more of, one that  – in some way – has touched our hearts.

A few months ago we were connected for the first time to Michaela Evanow.  Actually, it wasn’t the first time – we’d been admirers of hers on Instagram for a while, but then our lockets connected us to her on a deeper level.

What we didn’t expect, though, is how deeply we’d feel moved by the life of her daughter, Florence. Florence was the first time we’d ever heard of Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), which is weird, because it’s the number one genetic killer of infants.  Can you believe that? Did you know that? Seems like it should be common knowledge now that we understand how commonplace it is. But we were clueless.

We made Michaela a locket, and we spent a great deal of time meditating on her experience as a mother, and how something like SMA moved through Florence. Even her name draws you in, so lovely and beautiful.

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A few weeks ago we asked Michaela what organization she’d recommend for us to donate 25% of proceeds from our lockets. She responded almost immediately with the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation.  We agreed, too.

To support GSF, shop our lockets. Win/win.


Amy + Allyssa

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