Say Yes

When I left my job in 2014 I worried that I would also be leaving any chance at participating in social justice, too. You see, my previous career was in the non-profit world. I began in a position where I was intervening in homes where the kids were at risk of being removed from the home (from the parents, really) and ended as a program manager for volunteers who supported after-school youth programs.

If I quit, and I just live my little life, where will I throw energy bubbling up from my values? I worried about this. But I also let it unfold, too.

Amy and I started with our photography studio. We jumped, we grew, we expanded, we were drawn to lockets.

And then this weird thing started happening where people were popping up out of the woodwork with opportunities to get themselves involved in what we were doing, or us in their work.

It grew, we said yes when we could, and then we found ourselves donating lockets for a fundraiser for an organization we were partnering with the at works 24/7 to prevent gun violence.

Isn’t it weird how life works like that? It’s like we’re placed where we need to be.


Amy + Allyssa

P.S. Wanna shop lockets?

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