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We celebrated our Mom’s retirement last weekend at our parent’s cabin. There was time for a toast, and one of my sister’s said I needed to say something. I like public speaking, and my sisters cry whenever they talk in front of people, and our little brother was unlikely to say anything and our older brother spoke after me but before someone passed around shots of tequila…

I digress…

I toasted to a woman who ran a daycare from her home when her babies were little. Then we moved closer to my Dad’s work, and she started selling Pampered Chef, worked as a waitress at Pannekoeken restaurant, and worked as a para in a school with kids who struggled behaviorally.  At some point one of her students became my little brother.  Technically, our foster brother, but technicalities don’t really matter with family. He never left. She ended her career in a school where the next stop for most of the kids was incarceration. Many were living in group homes, children’s homes. Some in loving families, too. But all with a high need for nearly 1:1 child to adult supervision.

I toasted to working hard, and leading with love. I toasted to living values through your work, being a good human by the way you live your life and extend what you can to people who need it.

We’re really proud of our Mom. She worked hard, she deserves some free time at her cabin with piles of hot coffee and boat rides and margaritas.

She reminds us of the work the good people at Still Kickin do for their heroes.

They do good things for good people who need help because it’s kinda just how we should all live our lives.  They’re not angels, they’re not saints. They’re people who made a decision that you should be a good human and help if you can. And usually, we all can.

Learn more about their work and heroes in their own voice, not ours. We love them and their mission and their work, and so we’re donating 25% of proceeds from our lockets to their bank account, which turns around and goes into the bank account of their heroes.

One of my favorite “wake the F up already” quotes is that “People who need help look a lot like people who don’t need help.” Glennon Doyle said it, and most everything she says is like slap-ya-in-the-face gold.

What’s our point?

Do good things for people. You need it, we need it, they need it.  The world needs you. Now go.


Amy + Allyssa

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