For the Children

Our Mom has had cancer three times. One every five years beginning in 2002. She’s recovered each time, thank God, in large part to smart doctors and her incredibly strong spirit. Also, two of those times she had breast cancer, and this is a good cancer to have. Sound superficial? Consider the fact that pediatric cancer is underfunded in comparison to adult cancer. We’re not doing all we can do to prevent or treat it.

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In fact, the impetus for us focusing our donation this month on pediatric cancer came after reading a bereaved mother’s Instagram post about her son, Hayes, who died of cancer when he was just 20 months old. She said something along the lines of this: In the past 77 years we’ve developed just three new drugs for pediatric cancer while in the past three years we’ve developed 77 new drugs for adults facing cancer. And whether or not those numbers are exact, the reality is that we can do more.  Right?

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One of the most moving lockets we’ve ever made was for the mama of Sarah, a little girl from Canada. It was a photo of her with her sister, her mama wanted to carry the two of them close to her heart. Sarah was beautiful. She stopped us in our tracks, stopped our day. Sarah surprised us, too, because before her mama’s locket order came in we were juts making lockets we thought were beautiful.  After Sarah, we were pouring our hearts into the stories people experience, into the souls of whoever is inside our lockets. Sarah died of cancer when she was still a little girl.


When there’s a problem I want a solution. And if there’s no solution I at least want action. Tell me what to do – who needs my money, where can I donate my time, who wants me to raise my voice on their behalf? I’ll do it. So we’re doing it.

This month 25% of proceeds from The Locket Sisters goes to the Children’s Cancer Research Fund. 



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