The Henry

I made my son, my Dad, my husband and my father-in-law a pocket piece last year for Christmas with our lockets. It was kind of as a test to see if they’d hold up, and also because IT’S FUN TO GIVE LOCKETS! (Assume I’m yelling with excitement whenever you see writing in caps).

The truth is that not only did each and every one of them love receiving it, but each and every one of them reported back that they held up very well.  They attached them to their keys and had strict instructions to not go easy on them.  Bang ’em around, use ’em, adapt it into your life. They did. They’re still handsome and strong almost a year later.

Then Amy’s boys started making requests for their own pocket pieces – or, like my son, something they could attach to their backpacks. One of her son’s wanted a family photo, the other wanted an old photo of our Grandpa Woodford from his time at war in WWII. There was interest. Guys were into it.

So we kept it moving and kept testing and finally found The Henry felt alive. Ready. Complete.

It’s a pocket piece designed with men in mind. The photo is just over an inch round and secured inside resin that cures for two days. Then we attach it to a leather tie that will wear well, will weather time alongside you.

It feels so good to add The Henry to our collection. We hope you like it, too.


Amy + Allyssa

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