The Eliza Locket

My sister and I love hippie doctors. They’re not actually hippies, and they’re not actually doctors, but they lie somewhere in the grey between and they’re effective. They’ve helped so many people in my family through non-invasive interventions like herbs and cutting out sugar that I’m an unapologetic believer. They have a sense of what’s what who’s who and why my foot itches when I have a glass of wine.

I think we all have a little bit of that sense. That intuition, that sense of when something is good or maybe not so good. My husband toured a home when house-hunting in Denver that gave us both the heeby jeebies so we left.  Something (someone?) was in there, maybe in another paradigm, and it made us feel something uneasy. 

But mostly I think of this sense as not just one that protects us, but one that connects us. You can sense openness or closed energy from people when you meet them. You can feel when someone is full of joy – you feel that. We all do. There’s a feeling around people when they’re excited. Sad. Nervous. Happy. 

And when they’re filled with joy, too. Some light shines from within them and it’s attractive in the way that chips and dip at a party are attractive. You want more, and you can barely get enough.

We became connected with Aimee Darby through our lockets, and we quickly learned she’s the Mom to a bright light named Eliza Hope who’s impact in her four years on Earth is so massive that Amy and I have become magnetically attracted to her, too. We’ve never met Eliza, but haven’t we also all kind of met her? She is joy and love and kindness. She is laughter and life.  She is bigger than her little body. She is a soul who belongs no matter where she exists.

I don’t know why some children have to leave Earth soon. Why their souls are too big for us to hold. Why our arms must ache for their warmth. It’s not right. It’s not fair. But it is for us to carry, not her. And Aimee has vicariously taught us to carry forward the light.

From Eliza’s light has come The Eliza Hope Foundation with the vision to “give these families a beautiful and welcoming place that has the ability to provide all of the educational, developmental and physical therapy services that their child needs in order to thrive.”

What’s also come from Eliza is our own inspiration to carry her joy and kindness and light. When we first started considering an antique copper locket we had a sense of warmth and joy whenever we’d be near them or hold them or wear them. We asked Aimee if we could make her an antique copper locket as a test. And then it seemed so obvious that it was The Eliza Locket. 

Somewhere in between the obvious of everything lies the good stuff.  The important stuff.  The otherwise mundane stuff that we overlook. This is the neighbor who helps you shovel your car out of the snow; the friend who asks if she can take you out for a drink when she knows you’re down; the card game with your family on a Tuesday; the vegetarian lasagna your mother-in-law makes just for you; the compliment you receive from your son out of nowhere; the gift you get in the mail from an old friend when you’re not expecting one at all; the free candy jar at your fav coffee shop, the super nice letter you get from your kid’s school; the ear someone lends you because you just needed to vent; the laughter on the bus; the hands held walking down the street.

Those are the Eliza things. The good things. The stuff we seek and want more of. The bright light in the grey between.



P.S. Find The Eliza Locket here.

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