Yesterday was an emotional day for us.  In a good way.  We’re ok with emotions and feelings. Hell, we’d even consider ourselves “deeply feeling women” and were even quoted as such in a recent article in MSP Mag.

When we make your lockets we read what you share with us about the photo, think about who’s in the photo, wonder about your life, give it love and good energy and prayer and joy and healing and acknowledgement. We might never meet you in person, but we’re connected to you and your story now.

It’s powerful. It’s wonderful. It’s a gift for us to have this window to the world. And with that, we’ve come to learn that there are a lot of people in this world with heartache.  Broken hearts. Loss. So much love inside them but they can’t give it to the person they love. And that’s painful. It hurts. 

We came across this quote from Angela Miller’s A Bed For My Heart yesterday and it stopped us.  We read it and considered it and had to share it.

And then I came across this, too. 

For those of you who have shared bits of your grief, your loss, your heartache – know this: Every inch you share into your life does two things.  First, it tells us who you love. Who this human in your life was who impacted you so much and who you love so big. And then it makes us less better people because we can have empathy to your experience and what you feel.  I’m so sorry it happened. It’s not fair.  I’m sorry. Thank you. I’m sorry.


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