It’s not like we’re gonna break the internet the way Kim Kardashian did/does but we’re excited to see our lockets spreading across the globe and into gift guides. 

We agree that they’re incredible gifts, too. We get emails and texts all the time about people bursting into tears when they open their locket.

This one is from Minneapolis/St. Paul Magazine, who also did an article about us in their December issue under the category “People Doing Cool Things.”

We’ve been fans of Lindsay Dahl and her environmental activism for years now.  So getting a plug on her blog? SHUT UP! Like, literally just shut the front door forever because it’s too good. And we’re right there at the top of her list, which may or may not be in order of preference, but can’t a girl dream?

And the good folks at Deseret News all the way in Utah found us too.  OH MY GOODNESS THIS IS SUCH EXCITING STUFF! Feels like we’re the cotton candy on a stick and it’ keeps getting bigger and BIGGER…

But if you already know what you want and it’s a locket, skip all of that and go directly to shopping.  And hurry up.  What are you waiting for?


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