Still We Rise

It’s risky business to use our voice with our work.  Our political voice. Our values voice. But our work is rooted in our voice.  We make lockets to give your stories a voice, to keep what’s important to you close, and for us, silencing what’s important to us along the way seems impossible. Undoable. We can’t. So we don’t. Instead, we speak up.

This month the recipient of 25% of proceeds is Still We Rise, which is a collaborative fundraising platform for social justice issues.  And this month, those dollars at Still We Rise go to keeping families together at the border. 

We’re both mothers ourselves. We do whatever we can to keep our own children healthy and safe, just like every mother does. And quite frankly, I’d do what many mothers crossing the border are doing, too: An attempt and something better, safer, easier. 

It’s mind boggling to me sometimes how lucky Amy and I and our siblings have been when it comes to family.  Our parents are still married, we had wonderful grandparents, lots of cousins, our parents always were able to provide a warm home, food, clothes, education, faith, neighbors, community. All of that. It just came to us.  It was so easy from our perspective that we didn’t realize how lucky we were until we became adults. 

Not everyone has that. And so we’re doing our part, however risky to our own business, to chip in and help those families stay together. 

Join us for an online auction on Instagram Dec. 11-18th to raise money for Still We Rise, or shop our lockets to have a portion of proceeds go to their hard work. 


Amy + Allyssa

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