Marie Kondo + Jay-Z

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A few years ago I read Marie Kondo’s book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.” My mind moves 90mph 24/7 so seeing “stuff” all around me is like pressing on the gas when really I’m working hard on slowing down. At first her book was so weird that I almost didn’t pick it back up, but as with most prophets and philosophers, her ideas were offering me the gift of bending my mind, stretching it, growing.

I took two solid pieces of wisdom from Kondo after finishing her book and implementing her ideas:

  1. I was wearing clothes that were hand-me-downs that I didn’t really like and that hid my body. I had really, really intense post-partum depression (anxiety?) after my daughter was born, and my body changed so much, too. I wore baggy, loose clothes to hide myself. And when I really stopped to consider it, I didn’t like it. So I let them go. It was healing and led my down a new path of loving my new body and letting it jiggle a little if it wants to. It’s worked so hard for me, for my babies, it’s time to let it take the lead for a while.
  2. There’s a bit in her book about asking a client what exactly it is she wants her life to look like, and her client responded with something along the lines of coming home from work, drawing a bath, lighting a candle, and wearing feminine clothing while she relaxes for the evening. At first I thought that was so ridiculous and unreasonable that it should’ve been omitted in the editing process, but then I realized that that’s what I want too. Relaxation and feeling sexy? If even just for myself? YES! Why wouldn’t I enjoy that?

Jay-Z says in the film “Time: The Kaleif Browder Story” that prophets come to us all the time, in different ways, daily. He’s right. People pop in to our loves to turn us, remind us, flip us upside down, teach us something we could not have understood without them.

This happens with pain, grief, love, accidents, intentions, everything. Life happens to everyone, indiscriminately. Some of us get only a few months of life, some of us more decades than we know what to do with. We don’t know why. We have philosophies and beliefs and ideas but we just. don’t. know.

The last few years of my life, the years since my daughter was born and flipped my life upside down in a way I’m now so grateful for, have taught me how fleeting, how precious life is. Marie Kondo, Jay-Z, and Kaleif Browder have taught me, too.


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