Stillborn, Still loved.

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A month ago one of my closest friends labored her twin boys for nearly 24 hours, though Hudson and Harrison’s souls had already left their bodies.

Her first babies, both gone in what felt like a sweep. 

I showed up the day before to tell her I love her and the day after to photograph their time with their sons. Beauty and despair so intertwined. So many dualities. Love that is bone deep. Disorienting. Life changing.

bereaved parents holding stillborn twins

Hudson and Harrison marked me. Their silence woke me up. Their lives turned mine, pushed me toward new things, corrected my path to a more thoughtful one. Softened me, slowed me down. I witnessed a mother’s unnamed grief, a father’s too, and beauty so deep I’ll never let it go. 

Hudson and Harrison’s lives inspired my sister and I to connect The Locket Sisters with Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep to donate 25% of proceeds from February 2019 toward supporting other parents like my friends. Giving them the gift of having photos of their baby, or babies, with volunteer photographers walking into the valley of loss to offer comfort in documenting – and knowing – that their baby is real. Their love and pain is real. Their motherhood is real. 


Allyssa + Amy

lockets with photos inside
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