Hang On

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About ten years ago I was working with a woman who had been robbed and experienced a close death in her family in a short period of time.

“My god,” I said. “You’ve been through so much.”

She replied with musings about how life is like a zebra, where sometimes you’re in the white stripes, and sometimes you’re in the black stripes, but neither lasts for ever. The good goes, the not good goes, too.

And then just a few weeks ago I was talking with a friend who’s father passed away a couple years ago. We were talking about how to support our friend through the devastating loss of her twin boys when I stopped to ask her how she was doing. She told me life was really good right now, and that when it’s good she makes a point to enjoy it because “people are brought to their knees every. single. day.

I’ve shared before that the a few years ago I was in a really, really hard spot. Post-partum depression so bad I could hardly function. I tied a little read thread around my wrist as a reminder that all I needed to do was hang on by a thread. That was it. And it worked.

Hang on for yourself. Hang on for all the other people too. Just keep going. If you’re in the darkness the light will appear eventually. It always does. And if you’re in the light enjoy it. You deserve that much.


Amy + Allyssa

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