What the Gold Heart Locket Means to Us

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About 12 years ago I was in a seminar for women that a friend was hosting as part of her new counseling business. They asked us that heavy albeit inspiring question, “What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?” That night I went home and made an online boutique to sell jewelry.

Nothing came of it. It wasn’t my time. I knew nothing, I wasn’t emotionally prepared, and I wasn’t really willing to make a leap. But I was willing to make a step.

Bringing the Gold Heart Locket to you is a really big deal for the two us. It was a series of unanswered questions that we wouldn’t stop asking, a series of no’s we wouldn’t accept, and then finally realizing that no one knows how to point us where we want to go because no one has been there before.

We don’t come from a long line of entrepreneurs, there was no seed money from our parents, or anyone. It’s us and our hard work. Our ideas. Our desire to enjoy our days, feel meaning in our work. We’re ran on dark roast and critical thinking. Help from our Mom and favors from our neighbors. And if we’re honest, candy too.

All this to say that working on developing a beautiful gold heart locket, one that was durable and sturdy and made with the best quality gold, was important to us. It’s been the holy grail, the icing on the cake, the final she-bang (though admittedly it feels like we’re just getting started here…).

gold heart locket with chain

We solved problems that didn’t have clear questions. We went blindly into an international convention in Hong Kong to speak with experts, to meet other jewelers from around the world, and to get get a pulse on an industry we find ourselves in but didn’t plan to join. Happened backwards.

Happened because Amy wanted a locket and Allyssa liked making jewelry.

And then we solved for the gold heart lockets. And we are so proud to share them with you.


Amy + Allyssa

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