Every Locket

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On a Friday night during college – in a very “college town” type of community – I overheard another woman say, “What the heck is she thinking with those shoes?” I knew she was talking about me – I loved those boots! They had frilly fringe along the spine of the heel and they were so cute with skinny jeans.

I didn’t care at all that she didn’t like my boots, but I do remember thinking, why does she care what boots I wear? I still wonder why anyone would care what another person wears. It just seems like such a waste of time, right?

Clothes and jewelry and design feel like an expression. One day you wear all black, the next day it’s pastels and orange. One day you need bracelets and earrings, the next day you can’t be bothered to brush your hair.

We put together a lot of locket styles because we wanted to let people find one that speaks to who they are, who they want to keep close, who they love. We wear different lockets every day. Sometimes it’s a big flashy one, sometimes it’s more private and delicate. Sometimes we wear one that has all of our kids, sometimes it’s a quote, sometimes it’s our husband, sometimes it’s a memory from a trip or our parents.

Every day you’re a different person.


The Locket Sisters

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