Two-Photo Lockets

We’re asked often which lockets can hold two photos, and it’s helpful to see them all in one spot with photos, right? So – here ya go!

The Lillian (gold or silver), The Stacy (gold or silver), The Little Love, The Big Love, The Gold Heart, The Dorothy (gold or silver), The Little Circle (gold or silver),and The Little Oval (gold or silver)

The Lillian Locket + The Gold Lillian

These are two of our most popular lockets. They’re iconic, roughly 3/4 of an inch wide and perfectly timeless. If you’re buying a locket as a gift we do think either of these is a safe bet. We named The Lillian after our grandmother, who was gawdy and opinionated and feminine. We told our Dad that it was our first locket to sell out and he laughed and said, “She woulda loved that.”

The Stacy Locket + The Gold Stacy

The Stacy Locket is another fan favorite that holds two photographs. It works really well if you have people standing together or a full body photo. But really, so many different kinds of photographs look good in this locket. It is about one inch tall and 5/8-3/4 inch across. We named The Stacy Locket after our sister, so it’s kinda extra special to us.

All the Heart Lockets

We love the heart lockets! We worked so hard on The Gold Heart, too, so it’ll be an evergreen piece for sure. The Big Love is about one inch up and down, and The Little Love is about 5/8 of an inch. The Gold Heart Locket is somewhere between those two, at about 3/4 of an inch. IT IS PERFECT! These are all so fun to wear. And they all hold two photos.

The Dorothy Locket

The Dorothy Locket is like a little present. A boxed gift. It’s about a half an inch, maybe a little less, so it’s really petite. Kind of hidden. It’s good for someone who likes dainty, unflashy jeweltry. We named this piece after our Mom’s best friend, who we’ve known since we were babies. She is such a giver, a show-er-upper, a positive force in the world. We love her.

The Little Circle + The Little Oval

We love these lockets! And clearly so do you because they fly off the shelves. They’re probably our most petite lockets, though the bracelets (see below) hold an even tinier image. These are like a secret. One that you’ll want to share.

The Bangles

The Bangles were a design we had been dreaming of for a while, rooted in the idea of a charm bracelet. But we had to test a few ideas before we could land on one that would work best and this one popped up so high on our list of favorites that we moved it forward to share with you. It opens into a tiny little photo that’s clear enough to see but petite enough to swing a little around it’s eternity loop. So stylish and polished.

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Amy + Allyssa

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