Open Lockets

Every woman is different. Our styles vary from one another, and from ourselves from day to day. Some days we’re in all black and the next it’s a floral print. So, it stands to reason that we might also like to have a variety of jewelry, right?

Maybe we want our locket to be tiny and like a little secret, like you’d see in The Little Oval. Or maybe you want it to be a statement piece like The Clara, our open square locket (and a total crowd favorite!).

We started our locket line with closed lockets. Or, mostly closed, anyway. The original Evelyn Locket closed but had a glass panel on the front so that you could see right through it. Then we added a full line of open lockets and BAM they flew off the shelves! Y’all love ’em. We do too. It’s almost like having a book you love on the coffee table that you don’t mind if people notice. Our open lockets are distinct enough that you can clearly see the images while carrying on through your day, and people will notice.

All of our open lockets come in gold or silver, with the exception of The Eliza Locket, which is exclusively in copper. If you don’t already know the story behind The Eliza, you should go read it here.

Ok, so there you have it! Seven lockets, one of which is a keychain (perfect for dudes) all ready for you. Still stuck on which photo to put inside? We’ve got the perfect solution for that, too 🙂

Ready to shop for lockets now? Go on.

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