The Locket Stories that Move Us

It’s no secret that your stories are what keep us racing back to the studio every day to make more lockets, work harder, spend time with who you are and who you love and who means most to you. We only share your stories when you give us permission while ordering, which means a lot of them are between you and us. And many of them are on Instagram and Facebook, too, but a few have stood out enough that we want to share them with you here, too.

“I spent days, weeks and months deciding which photos I would choose. I went back and forth; a photo of my beloved Grandparents either a classic black and white from their early days or maybe a photo of how I knew them, a photo of my Daddy and I from when I was 5 or 6, a photo of my my Mom and I on the merry-go-round the first time she proudly took me to Disneyland. In the end, I decided on photos of my three children. My Grandparents always shared when you live the life you were created for, you bring heaven to earth. So though they are no longer walking earth, it’s because of their love, that my parents, self and children are here. In the photo of Rosalie and Austin taken summer 2017 they are lying on my Grandmothers quilt. The quilt she kept in the “little” bedroom which was my room as a little girl. A place I would retreat to after a busy day of playing and often sorting through old photographs; a memory I’ll always linger to when I think of the house on Girard Ave. The photo of Amelia Lou, that’s her at 8 months old, that’s her wearing my Grandma’s, her Great Grandmothers dress. It was a treasure we found while cleaning her house after she passed in 2015. Come to find it was one of the only store bought dresses my Grandma would have owned as she came from a family of 11 and was the youngest girl, so she would have had mostly hand-me-downs that her mother made herself. . She would have worn the dress around the same age as Amelia as she was born in December and Amelia January. Our family will never know the full story of the yellow dress but we know it was meant for Amelia. Amelia is identical to my Grandma and we believe she was sent to us after losing Grandma because we needed her spunk. We needed a little heaven on earth.”

Featured locket: The Gold Heart

photo of locket with family inside

“This is grandma Roxane with all of her kids, in-laws, and grandkids. This locket will remind her that the wonderful chaos she created is always near and dear to her heart.”

Featured locket: The Gold Lillian

“Danielle and I met in an education class. I had just transferred to Stockton University and I did not know anyone. It took me a couple of weeks to gather the courage to talk to her. I realized that we were in the next class together. Our friendship started with me asking her if she would push the elevator buttons for me. We then started having lunches before class and she opened me to a whole new world. One day we were talking about living on campus and she said we need a fourth roommate and why don’t you be it! It was one of the best things that had ever happened. We made memories that we can’t forget and will tell or maybe not tell our children. We made up nicknames for each other, she is Ellie and I am nutmeg. She became part of my family and as did I to her. We have been through everything together in each other live’s since we met. I couldn’t picked a better person to my best friend and the sister that I got to chose. This bracelet means that we are entering a new stage in our friendship. She got engaged and it was a surprise. I knew I had to be there. It meant so much to me and her for me to be there. I can’t wait for the wedding! #ellieandnutmeg”

Featured locket: The Silver Bangle Locket

“Betsy are Florrie are twins and I’ve been wanting to get them a locket with a picture of her and her sister in it. Your newsletter this month about the twins, Hudson and Harrison, gave me the push to order this month and give the lockets to my girls for their birthday next month.”

Featured Lockets: The Penny in Gold

There are so many more stories, we’ll share more later. Or, head to our Instagram or Facebook to read even more.

Love you.


Amy + Allyssa

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