Eva + The Eva Locket

I became an auntie before I became a mother. I spent so much time looking at pictures of my nieces and nephews, talking about them, thinking about them, spoiling them, being a really damn good auntie.

Then I had my own kids, and much like having a dog before becoming a parent, I had less time to give to my pretty much anyone other than my my baby. It’s not like I was so obsessed with my own kid (yeah I was), it’s just that they actually consume you. Eat sleep clean eat sleep clean love love love. Repeat.

When my niece, Eva, was born, I believed I’d never seen a cuter baby. She was so rolly polly in her little body that she looked like the Michelin Tire cartoon. Rolls upon rolls. Our sister had to lift ’em to wash ’em. You could eat her for dinner and still not have enough of baby Eva.

As she’s grown she’s shown us who she is. She cares about justice. She asks questions and wants answers. She’s curious and kind. She makes slime and sells it to kids at her school like a boss. She has three little siblings and she’s the leader every parent hopes their younger kids will have. She’s a brown-eyed-girl who joined me in the first round of The Rad Girls Book Club. She welcomed the boy cousins when we turned it into The Rad Kids Book Club.

Eva makes us so excited to see what kids are going to do with this world. How they’ll clean up the messes we made. How they’ll lean into love and inclusivity. Eva is the future.

We named The Eva Locket after her because it’s a tall, bold locket. It makes a statement. It holds big stories or little ones. It is wide-ranging in what it can mean to whoever wears it, to whatever is put inside it.

Eva is the female leader of both sides of cousins in her families. It’s a feather that fits any hat she wears. We’re so proud of her.


The Locket Sisters

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