Penny + The Penny Locket

young girl in pink dress and colorful hat with big smile

This is my daughter, Penny Evelyn. She’s a rare bird. Flighty and creative and asks really, really interesting questions (“Do snow tires have snowflakes on them? How will the airplane know to find us here? Did our neighbors go to hAmsterdam to get a hamster?”)

I call her my slingshot. She pushes me so far forward and she’s not trying. Some of it is because she’s so different than me that it forces me to expand to be her Mom, and some of it is because she’s so similar to me that I can’t stand her sometimes (because obvi sometimes I can’t stand myself. Just sometimes.)

Penny missed me a lot last year when she started school at a new preschool. I underestimated it, because my kids have long attended daycare and my husband and I have found good, loving people to surround them while we work. But it wasn’t enough, so one day I gave her my locket to wear while she was at school.

gold circle locket with photo of mom and two kids inside

A few weeks later at a conference for her one of her teachers mentioned that it was really helping, and that she rubs it on her cheek when she misses us. She even offered it to one of her friends one day because her friend missed her Mom.

I told this story to Amy and immediately stopped and said we needed to expand our lockets.

About a week later we spent the night at our parents house in the kitchen we were raised in, drinking coffee all night, and we launched The Locket Sisters.

Penny, my slingshot, pushed us forward again. So we named The Penny Locket after her.


The Locket Sisters

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