Vote with your money.

We grew up in the 80s and 90s but didn’t have MTV and if we wanted a pair of Girbaud’s we had to buy them ourselves.

We’re generally not in many “target market” categories and we’re more likely to splurge on too many things at a thrift store than Nordstroms.

But we’re thoughtful with our spending. If we meet the owner of a small business face-to-face we’re very, very likely to spend money at their shop. If we know there’s a good cause behind the goods, take all of our money.

A couple weeks ago we teamed up with Eleventh Candle Co. to do a giveaway on our Instagram. They reached out to us about it, and OF COURSE we’ll work with a company who’s mission is to redeem, restore, empower and equip those vulnerable to human trafficking, abuse, exploitation and addiction. Ummmmmyes.

And then there’s our friends at Still Kickin Co who recently launched a kids clothing line that nearly sold out within a week. It was all in the name of a little boy named Sawyer who lived joyfully.

And maybe one of our favorites is an organization called The Eliza Hope Foundation. Eliza’s mama, Aimee, has done so much for children in honor of her daughter. She keeps her spirit so alive that we even named a locket after her.

All of these companies use the proceeds from the goods they sell to support causes that serve the community. Supporting women who are trafficked in Ohio, kids in Virginia Beach who can now get all of their therapies in one spot, and families going through hell who need a break.

Hats from

Feels like the idea really comes down to intentional spending. Voting with your money. Spending to give ease and access to corners of the world that you believe need it.

We do our best to do the same, too.


The Locket Sisters

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