The Most Popular Lockets

We’ve each got our favorite lockets. Amy’s is the The Little Gold Circle and mine is a tug-of-war between The Gold Bangle and The Gold Heart Locket. I love all things gold, goes well with me red hair (wink).

But what we love and what the masses love aren’t always the same thing. And why would they be? We’re different, all of us. We like different things, look good in different pieces and feel good in all kinds of varying pieces of fashion. Plus, sometimes people buy the locket to fit the photo. And that’s alright, too.

There are trends, however, that we notice without trying too hard. We watch the numbers go be sure we’re giving you what ya want, but also, we make the lockets for you ourselves, so we know what we’re making. And The Lillian in gold or silver is by far the most popular. It makes sense, too. It’s simple and iconic. It’s timeless, it’ll never go out if style. It’s significant in size without being a full gawdy statement piece.

We launched The Gold Heart Locket because you asked for it. We wanted it too, but it was our most requested locket, so we went for it, and unsurprisingly it’s one of our best sellers. WHY DO WE ALL LOVE GOLD AND HEARTS SO MUCH?

The Henry is currently the only locket we offer that men wear. Actually, we take that back – we’ve made a more masculine version of The Lillian for dudes who don’t mind a chain (we give them a more masculine chain, too). Plus, anyone can wear anything so it’s not like these are rules, ok? Just the trends we see. What’s my point? The Henry flies off the shelves almost faster than we can keep it in stock.

The Elsa had a slow start. It used to be that The Clara was our most popular open locket (a square in gold or silver) and we used to hold The Elsa tightly and think, “You’re beautiful, too, honey. Someday they’ll see.” Sure enough, it’s become our most popular open locket. But The Penny and The Marilyn are close behind.

silver oval locket with photo of mom and two kids inside

What we fundamentally know, aside from the stats and the numbers and the trends and the who’s who of what’s what is that it doesn’t matter what everybody else wants, it matters what you want. If we wrote this post next week it would probably have different numbers attached to the popularity of each locket. Pick the one you love. The one you want to hold. The one you want to keep close to your heart. After all, that’s all that matters anyway.

All love,

Amy + ALlyssa

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