10 Free Mother’s Day Gifts and One Worth Every Penny

Last September we took a trip abroad for our lockets and ended up in the worst typhoon on record in Hong Kong. Despite being almost right on the coast, we were fine and it wasn’t as bad as it sounds. But there was no going outside for about 24 hours without being windswept down the street or hit with debris.

We spent the day in our beds watching Netflix and taking naps. For an entire day. It was like a mother’s dream! No responsibilities, there was nothing we could do outside of our AirBnB, so we were forced to relax. That typhoon was heaven, you guys!

small square gold locket with photo of a little boy inside

It got us thinking: What really rejuvenates a human? Or a woman? Or hell, maybe we’re just speaking for ourselves? We don’t want to go go go, run run run, do do do. That happens all day. Come time to rest, want to actually rest.

When my kids ask me what I want for my birthday or Mother’s Day or Christmas, I always tell them I want them to draw me a photo of our family. And it’s really all I want. I have plenty of things, and if I want something I’d kinda rather just buy it for myself. But time? Or a sketched family portrait by a four-year-old? Or a coffee in bed? Or someone else doing the chores I do every day? Oh baby, that’s a gift I’d love. And I think most women would.

So here’s our list of gift ideas that are all free except for one that (we promise) is worth every penny:

  1. Get up before her and bring her coffee in bed. Don’t screw this up and say you intended to get up, or you overslept. Set your alarm and do it. Your effort means something.
  2. Do all the things she normally does so she doesn’t have to. Show her that you see everything she does for everyone else by actually doing it yourself.
  3. Give her time. Free up her day. Cancel plans. Don’t overbook it. Float through the day with spontaneity for a change.
  4. Say her child’s name. Not every baby, every child, every son and daughter gets to be here to draw their mama a family photo. If her sweet child isn’t here, say it. Tell her you love her and say their name.
  5. Slow down. Walk to the coffee shop. The park. Garden. Grill. Skip the rush and savor time together.
  6. Have the kids draw a picture of the family. I’ve already made it abundantly clear how much I love this (but if you’re a skipper then scroll back up and see my explanation).
  7. Show up to give her a hug. If you’ve moved out of the house and you don’t live close to your Mom then do anything you can to get there. No gifts. Just be there. And if you really can’t, then call and really talk. Tell her some details about your life that you know she wants to hear. Moms want to be involved, to be relevant to your life. Let her.
  8. Give her a locket. She’ll go through two waves of appreciation. The first: “OMG you got me this?” The second: “And you even took the time to think of what photo I’d like?!”
  9. Make a list of all the things that you appreciate about her. Like, literally make the list and hand it to her. THAT WOULD BE SO AFFIRMING!
  10. Acknowledge everything she does. Say it. “Hey, I noticed that you’re basically superwoman and (insert verbal list of everything she does) so thank you.”
  11. Expect nothing. No value statements about what you think she should do on Mother’s Day, no grudges about if she really just wants to lay around and watch Netflix.
black and white photo inside a gold rectangle locket


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