Lean in to Love

First of all, what is life?

Second of all, the new Evelyn Locket is here!

Back to that first thing tho – do you ever have days where you’re just like whaaaaaaaat is life? How do I do it all? Keep it up? Float? Breathe? Love? Lean away from nuisance and annoyance and disturbance and somehow back into love despite the constant influx of violence and breakage and despair?

I read an article a few months ago about how leaning into a slower lifestyle, going against the grain of constant kids activities and more work and play dates and social activities and planned-out weekends and the “busy” trend is more work than it sounds like. Slowing down is a rage against the machine. It’s an active choice.

Much like leaning in to love.

There was a little boy violently thrown from the third floor of a balcony at the Mall of America last week by a complete stranger who wanted to cause harm. This has shaken me to my core. It doesn’t fit into my worldview, and it’s about three miles from my home. The little boy is about the same age as my son and looks like him, too.

I think about the little boy Landen. And his Mom. And his healing. His life. His innocence, the unpredictability of this attack. And the fear and trauma, too. I want to hole up, lock up, hide away. But I also want to connect, run free, and love.

There’s a constant tug-of-war with opposing ideas, opposing feelings. And often the softer, gentler one isn’t necessarily the easy route. In fact, it’s much more work to counter-intuitively go on living, carry on loving, live out the idea that life is precious, beautiful, savory and sweet.

No answers here from my little spot on this Earth. Just questions. And so much prayer for healing around the world. More love.



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