Good People Are Everywhere

Our Grandma Lillian used to always say the world is the worst its ever been, but I don’t agree. Information just travels faster. Wider. We know more of all the bad things, and quite frankly, it’s not like the news is hyper-focusing on all of the good things. They do a little, you can catch it if you’re paying attention, but we’re constantly bombarded with sorrow, trauma, violence, loss, and anger.

Remember that there is more to this Earth that just that. There is also love, joy, remembrance, celebration, connection, support, kindness. We are more than just our sad stories. We are also the people we love, the people we miss, the people we lean on and who lean on us.

We are love.

We hosted a “Nominate a Mom” thing in April to let you nominate a maternal someone who could use a nice thing in their life. We’re captivated by all of these deserving women, but also by the men and women who took time to nominate them. THAT MEANS SOMETHING!

We’ll let the nominations speak for themselves. Read them here.


The Locket Sisters

p.s. see the lockets here.

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