Fresh Starts

The first time I heard about fresh starts was while watching “The Other Guys” with Will Ferrell (so funny) and Mark Wahlberg (so hot). IT’S HILARIOUS! There’s a scene where they ask each other for fresh starts, and it’s so funny to me.

The next day my husband did something or said something or who knows, and then stuck his hand out and said, “Fresh start?” We both started laughing, and I don’t even remember what the original conflict was about, but it worked. We fresh started. Errrr….started fresh.

Then I started using it with my kids. When one of them is having a rough time, feeling unheard or ignored or sad or angry or whatever, we put our hands in a pile and yell “FRESH START!” and it immediately clears the air. Wipes away whatever was happening. Luckily, they give me fresh starts, too, when I feel drained and can hear myself talking rudely to them. I don’t like how that feels, so when I can collect myself I apologize and look ’em in the eye and say, “Fresh start?”

They always give me one.

the fresh start locket, a white painted pendant in silver or gold

But sometimes our fresh starts are much deeper than the the chaos we feel when trying to get out the door in the morning. Sometimes our fresh starts are fundamental. Core. Life-changing.

I’ve had a few of those, too.

There was the time I had to sober up from a few things my sophomore year of college. At one point my then-boyfriend/now-husband had to come get me from the self-help section of Barnes and Noble where I was beside myself trying to find my way back up to baseline, trying to break up with him because I was empty of myself. He didn’t let me (thank goodness) and it was a pivotal moment of someone holding my hand in The Darkness while I gave myself my first Fresh Start. I got better.

There was that year after I got hit by a car while riding my bike, which was really just a jarring metaphor for the Universe telling me I would go no further down the path I was headed, which in reality, was not anywhere all too bad. It was just that I needed a deep spiritual shift, and so I was knocked off route (literally) in order to pick myself back up differently. It sent me toward people who would radically disrupt my fears and give me new ways of thinking. It was another Fresh Start. Another time my the dawn broke after The Darkness.

Then there was that time I quite my nice, stable job. The one that had health insurance, a 401k, lots of autonomy and satisfaction. But that other Fresh Start after the bike accident taught me not to play safe, so once again I unearthed my foundation and crawled my way toward myself. This one was dark. But fundamental. Without it you wouldn’t be reading this right now. It brought me to you.

Do you get the point yet?

Keep going. Move forward. Start over. Begin again. And do it as many times as you need. Give other people fresh starts, too. We all need them.

We designed The Fresh Start Locket with all of this in mind. Hope it brings you all the joy and new beginnings you need.



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