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Some of the best business advice we’ve ever received is that if you’re not a little embarrassed about your work when you launch, you’ve waited too long. This is totally different than putting out junk — we would never feel good about doing that. Instead, it’s the idea that you simply can’t know how you’ll improve — or even where to improve — until you get started.

The challenge, of course, is that you don’t know what you don’t know. And really, isn’t that ignorance such bliss?

Two years ago we started The Locket Sisters because we realized that the lockets we were offering to just our photography clients might be something that more people would enjoy. People outside of our local community, people from around the world.

Turns out we were right. And it appears we’re still just getting started.

We recently joined into a partnership with UnCommon Goods to sell three lockets exclusively on their site — to the tens of millions of people who shop with them every year! — and it feels exciting and strange and new and weird and amazing and perfect.

The three lockets offered exclusively through UnCommon Goods are The Big Love (not our big love, a different version that’s smaller than ours but the same size as our Gold Heart), a silver disco ball that they call The Silver Orb, and a charm necklace that can hold up to seven pendants! SEVEN! It’s basically The Little Locket but in silver and with a lot more pendant options.


We feel it. We’re so excited about what’s next.


The Locket Sisters

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