the locket sisters keep going

Hang On

About ten years ago I was working with a woman who had been robbed and experienced a close death in her family in a short period of time. “My god,” I said. “You’ve been through so much.” She replied with musings about how life is like a zebra, where sometimes you’re in the white stripes, […]

Still We Rise

It’s risky business to use our voice with our work.  Our political voice. Our values voice. But our work is rooted in our voice.  We make lockets to give your stories a voice, to keep what’s important to you close, and for us, silencing what’s important to us along the way seems impossible. Undoable. We […]

The Eliza Locket

My sister and I love hippie doctors. They’re not actually hippies, and they’re not actually doctors, but they lie somewhere in the grey between and they’re effective. They’ve helped so many people in my family through non-invasive interventions like herbs and cutting out sugar that I’m an unapologetic believer. They have a sense of what’s […]

round gold locket with photo inside


A couple of weeks ago I bought a pack of playing cards from Target that has games like Memory, Crazy 8s, Old Maid. My kids are only four and six so finding something that levels the competitive playing field for them against my husband and I is hard. But then we found Memory.  Every evening […]

little girl smiling at camera

Hope for Marian

Social media is weird, right? Its like this dichotomy between really authentic connections and feeling like everything is a fraud. A facade. Sometimes I can’t get enough and sometimes I can’t get away fast enough. In between those extremes I’ve discovered that real people are doing real work that has purpose and meaning. It’s not […]