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Hope for Marian

Social media is weird, right? Its like this dichotomy between really authentic connections and feeling like everything is a fraud. A facade. Sometimes I can’t get enough and sometimes I can’t get away fast enough. In between those extremes I’ve discovered that real people are doing real work that has purpose and meaning. It’s not […]

Say Yes

When I left my job in 2014 I worried that I would also be leaving any chance at participating in social justice, too. You see, my previous career was in the non-profit world. I began in a position where I was intervening in homes where the kids were at risk of being removed from the […]


“Maribelle. This image is of my mother, Stephanie, and her mother, Maribelle, taken in Strevell, Idaho down near the southern border of Utah. Maribelle birthed six kids (eldest and youngest boys and girls filled the middle) from two husbands, both of whom she married just six weeks after meeting. Or so the story goes. She […]


Amy used to be a supermodel.  Like a travel-the-world, gorgeous-clothes, get-paid-to-look-good super model. Magazine covers. Runways. Glamour glamour glamour. But in our family, no one cared. Or at least, no one cared any more about the supermodel than they did about the teacher, or the hairstylist, or the non-profit worker, or our little brother who […]